If I fail to wakeup tomorrow, will it make any difference…?

Thursday, Mar 13, 2008
I asked the following question from many of my friends through text messaging (sms). Surprisingly, more than a dozen people replied. I have reproduced the question and the replies here….
Q: If I fail to wakeup tomorrow, will it make any difference in your
life? If yes, what?

(Please reply honestly. If you can’t give honest reply, please don’t answer.)

Shahzad Mughal (26-EE, CEME): No.

Babar (Jibran’s neighbour, Kamalabad, Rawalpindi): I will feel like
something is missing.

Wasif Mehmood (26-EE, CEME): Welllll, it will be like a load’s off my
ears ! :-] O bhai! Subah INSHALLAH hum dono ney uthna hai aur uni bhi
ana hai, teray sey VB ka aik masla solve krwana hai.

Ch. Junaid Anwar (26-EE, CEME): I will lose a precious friend and some
opportunities to learn. On the other side, the world will have one
less person who is more experienced than me.

Saad Nek Akhtar (26-EE, CEME): Afsos to ho ga, but eventually life goes on…

Adnan Sajjad (26-EE, CEME): Definitely. πŸ™‚ I’ll miss the memories.

Hamza Bin Tila (26-EE, CEME): Abay project ki implementation aur late
ho jai gi aur kiya chahta hai is sey ziada effect bhala kisay pare ga.
(I asked him: ‘agar project aur baki saray kaam khatam ho jain, phir?’) Then i will
be having quiet and sensuous time with my wife and I wont like to have
someone bothering me in my precious time…

Sajid Mehmood (APS, Sirsyed, now Abbotabad Med. clg): Oae khoteya…
me tujhe itnay maze se thore hi khawab-e-khargosh k mazay lotnay don
ga. O v akale akale… foren tuje jaga don ga…

GC Saifullah Lodhi (26-EE, CEME): In real, it’s part of picture. As a
sound audience type just an image but felt when you are near, and when
done new scenes appear. Just a feeling remains. I hope you got me…

Faizan Agha (Sirsyed, 26-CE, CEME): Honestly speaking, there will be
no effect on my life, but i’ll be sad for sure and miss you.

Farrukh Aneeque Naqvi (APS, 26,27-CE, CEME): Yaar, friends can
neverever be replaced… you would be a precious diamond that I would
be losing… and no chance of getting again…

Zulkifl Khalid (26-EE, CEME): True friends are rare indeed. No one
wants to lose them πŸ™‚

Usman Jawaid (26-EE, CEME): I will lose a nice, ever smiling and
helpful companion.


1 Response to “If I fail to wakeup tomorrow, will it make any difference…?”

  1. 1 hamza bin tila
    November 21, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    hahaha nice memories

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