Updates on my life

I have been so busy in self-loathing that I have forgotten the importance of sharing happy news… so here is the list of my achievements in the past few months.

I got my BE degree on 5th May 2008.

I joined nexGIN RC as a research engineer in Apr 2008.

I got a research paper (“Using Telemedicine as an Enabler for Antenatal Care in Pakistan”) accepted in E-Medisys 2008, Tunisia.

I got a research paper (“A Comparative Study of Anomaly Detection Algorithms for Detection of SIP Flooding in IMS”) accepted in IMSAA 2008, India. The paper won the first best paper award.  I received a certificate and $200 as the prize money.

I got a research paper (“Fuzz-Fortuna: A fuzzified approach to generation of cryptographically secure pseudo-random numbers”) accepted in INMIC 2008, Karachi, Pakistan.

I got a research paper (“Application of Evolutionary Algorithms in Detection of SIP based Flooding Attacks”) accepted in GECCO 2009, Canada.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to attend any of these four conferences.

I applied for Fulbright scholarship. Let’s hope for the best.

I took GRE on 4 Jun 2009. I got a score of 1390 (Quantitative 770, Verbal 620).


1 Response to “Updates on my life”

  1. June 15, 2009 at 6:27 am

    Great new all.
    You are very lucky man!

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