‘All worries end where faith begins’

Three months ago, one evening I was terribly anxious. My dad saw my stressed out face and asked me the reason for anxiety. I told him that there are only two days left till my flight to US and I haven’t got the visa yet. My dad laughed, then scolded me. He said that your job is just to do the best you can. Then relax. Whether you succeed or fail doesn’t matter. What matters is that you tried and that should be enough. And he also said that he is really disappointed in me. He said that all my life, he had taught me to trust in God, and yet I am worried which means that I don’t really trust God. He said that ‘all worries end where faith begins’.

Since that day, whenever things have looked terrible and bleak (and it has happened many times), I remember that lecture from my father, and it has helped me bounce back and succeed. I kneel down on the floor, say a prayer, then get up and do my best without worrying even a little about any success or failure. And believe me, I have always miraculously succeeded!


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