My First Snowfall in NY

People tell me it’s snowing outside… I don’t know… I feel hot… I have been hiding my real thoughts for so many days… whenever my broken pieces start to fly apart, I go online and set a funny or cool status on facebook… and then I watch people liking it, it seems as if I am laughing at myself.. It all seems so unreal… Sometimes I fear that I will wake up from this dream.. sometimes I fear I will get stuck in this dream forever and will never make it back to the real world… I am afraid… but I am resigned too.. and that means no more fear… what should I think of this contradiction? May be I am going mad? haha, that is no secret considering I updated my funny status four times today! I wonder what will happen to me when the exams finish and I have all the time in the world and nothing to do… I don’t even have a friend… May be that’s my worst failure in all this time… failing to mingle, and making friend… I know I tried hard, but maybe somethings are not to be…

Anyways, happy first snow to me 🙂


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